The PAW NI undertook an extensive branding and awareness campaign known as “Watch out for Wildlife Crime”

in recent years and there remains an on-going requirement to raise awareness within the members of the PAW NI partner organisations but also the wider public.


PAWNI group have developed a series of resources which can be accessed on the Watch out for Wildlife Crime website follow the link

There are several links here which allow immediate access to information from PAW NI and also published reports and excellent guidance relevant to wildlife legislation and also wildlife crime, particularly

Wildlife Law & You Guidance (pdf)
PAWNI – Watch out for Wildlife Crime Leaflet (pdf)

On the Watch out for Wildlife Crime website there are also several reports which have been published by the various sub-groups which examine in further detail the spatial and temporal occurrence of various wildlife crimes across Northern Ireland including reports on birds of prey persecution (link1, link 2, link 3) and also badger persecution (link 4).

These reports are designed to analyse trends in occurrence and distribution of wildlife crimes across Northern Ireland to help target wildlife criminals and enforcement and also raise awareness for people in local areas through the provision of detailed maps of where these crimes occur.

PAW NI members attend a large number of varied public events across NI normally with their parent bodies or with multiple member sharing one space. All staffing costs are covered by the member’s employer. This funding has kindly covered the printing and production of events support materials.

As part of the DoJ funding programme this project has further allowed the job of re-branding PAW NI printed material and create a number of items to act as give-aways with corporate messages raising awareness at various events about wildlife crime.

The resources that have been specifically developed through this Hawk-Eyes programme includes pens, rulers, pin badges, trolley token key rings some of which are shown below:

The DoJ funding has further facilitated the design and printing of various display banners (as shown below at a recent event) and various PAW NI leaflets including:

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