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The team of people involved in this project have extensive experience in the installation and usage of cameras at raptor nest sites and cameras have been installed previously at peregrine, buzzard and red kite nest sites as well as other raptors or wildlife studies to get fascinating insights into the behaviour, identity and protection of these species as shown in some of the images below. The installation of cameras around nests and at raptor breeding sites requires to be undertaken under special wildlife licences issued by the Northern Ireland Environment Agency (NIEA). All cameras are installed under appropriate wildlife licences.

Peregrine falcon identified in Co. Armagh which had originally been tagged in Co. Kildare and successfully fledged young in 2017 monitored and protected by nest cameras and drone operations by the PSNI.

Red kite nests monitored via stills images and video

Red kite nests monitored via stills images and video










Hen harrier nest monitored by remote camera

Cameras operate 24/7 including by use of infra-red during darkness so we can monitor sites 24/7. Sometimes cameras pick up other visitors to the area such as this fox…

Or this fox….










Or this fox….

Or this deer….

And sometimes they detect people including in this case one of our volunteers out surveying!

And always detect us when we come to collect the cameras!









As part of the Hawk-Eyes project teams of volunteers have been out installing cameras at a series of raptor breeding and foraging areas in recent weeks. These cameras often require specialist skills such as abseiling and tree climbing which our experts are highly trained in installation of these equipment. Cameras have been deployed since late February and early March at a series of raptor sites and are currently recording images remotely for the project team who are checking the footage and images being captured to learn more about the birds, to monitor them and protect these sites. We look forward to updating you further as the project progresses.




















Mark (from NIRSG) and Alan (from RSPB) installing cameras and views over one of the sites being monitored


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