In Remote Raptor Tracking

We have been working on sorting out licensing and equipment for this project which had to be specially manufactured for this project. We are working with a range of experts on the project in order to attach tags to these raptors and all work is carried out under special licence from NIEA and also the British Trust for Ornithology (BTO) who licence the expert team involved in the deployment of the specialist equipment.

We are phenomenally excited about the deployment of the these tags over the coming weeks and we will be able to upload maps and images of the areas that these birds are using and identify areas and times of activity such as foraging and perching and roosting locations.

A recent report produced by experts on behalf of the Scottish Government found a variety of linkages related to the suspicious disappearances of tagged golden eagles which shows the utility of this type of work and the use of the technology in monitoring patterns and locations of raptors.

For more information on how this technology is being used to understand and protect raptors why not check out the following links to learn more about the technology and a range of individual species including

golden eagles (here, here etc)

honey buzzard

Eleanora falcons

Saker falcon

Black kite

Hen harrier

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